About Us

Based in Spencer, Indiana, Allie & Tess is a multifaceted business that includes jewelry design and energy work. Allie is an electroforming artist who enjoys using natural stones and crystals among other nature-inspired items to create wearable art. Allie carefully chooses stones and minerals which possess therapeutic healing properties, compliment any healing processes, and aid in reaching personal goals. Tess is Allie’s black cat, and the inspiration behind our logo. She’s not super helpful when it comes to getting work done, but she’s definitely cute and loves to hang out in the studio.
Allie, a former social worker, is also Reiki Master/Practitioner who works with crystals and essential oils in her energy work to amplify and optimize the healing potential of whatever medium she is working in. Allie believes in the healing power of human connection, and values opportunities to share her wares with others to provide an opportunity for healing and growth.