Imperial Jasper Talon Earrings - Allie & Tess

Imperial Jasper Talon Earrings

Matching pair of Imperial Jasper hoops on hypoallergenic niobium ear wires.

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral


"This Jasper is regarded as the supreme nurture eminence. This legendary eminence provides a firm ground for its carrier to sustain its abilities. Further, Imperial Jasper removes the pessimistc vigor from the life. Like other Jasper, it too activates sexual energy in the body.

Imperial Jasper imparts determination in all the areas of life. It helps one to complete various pursuits of life. It supports one during unnecessary conflict of life, stimulates the imagination, and transforms the ideas into action.
Imperial Jasper aids in quick thinking and promotes a well organizational abilities and completing the projects in time. It is useful in the prolonged illness and reenergizes the body. Spiritually, Imperial Jasper helps in connection to the spiritual world. It heals and balances the chakras. It is powerful healer of heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra."