Mojave Turquoise Fringe Pendant - Allie & Tess
Mojave Turquoise Fringe Pendant - Allie & Tess
Mojave Turquoise Fringe Pendant - Allie & Tess

Mojave Turquoise Fringe Pendant

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Please indicate at checkout desired chain length, standard chains range 18"-24" depending on the design.


"Turquoise has long been thought of as a holy stone a bringer of good fortune or a talisman and has been called a "gemstone of the peoples." The name turquoise is derived from an Old French word meaning "Turkish stone" because the stone was introduced to Europe by Venitian traders who purchase turquoise at Turkish bazaars. These stones likely came from the Sinai Peninsula in Iran an area that has been mining turquoise since 5000 BCE. The Persians called turquoise "firouze" which means victorious. Turquoise is the national gemstone of Iran.

Absolutely stunning and intriguing Mojave turquoise is crafted through a process that uses a hydraulic press to assemble turquoise nuggets by introducing a bronze metal matrix throughout the brick of base turquoise. Once the turquoise is pressed or assembled it is stabilized to harden the stone. This is the only product in today's market that features real Arizona turquoise and real metal matrix. This unique process was created by the Arizona Kingman Mine.

• The Navajo believed turquoise fell from the sky and protected against demons.

• Apache warriors believed that wearing turquoise improved their hunting. Affixing turquoise to a bow meant that the arrows shot from it would always hit their mark.

• Turquoise is used to correct imbalance and bring peace of mind.

• Crystal healers use turquoise to ward off depression exhaustion and panic attacks. It is also thought to be helpful to the respiratory system and fight allergy symptoms."